OB535: Advanced FCI Heelwork

Instructor: Kamal Fernandez

Course Details

In UK obedience, heelwork is the exercise that evokes the most discussion and debate.  Because a large proportion of points and time is allocated to heelwork in a conventional British Obedience Test, being successful requires competitors to take heelwork to the next level. 

This class breaks down the concept of heelwork into short, bite-sized pieces, and then builds up each layer systematically. It also includes proofing games, exercises for handling, body awareness for heelwork, and lots of fun games. Because it is based on UK style heelwork, it's a bit different from other FDSA courses, but this method has been adapted to train for other styles, including heeling for HWTM, AKC, IPO, Australian, FCI and NZKC rules. 

The course will cover:

  • Developing handler skills for heelwork
  • Body awareness specifically for heeling
  • Advanced positions in motion
  • Getting ring ready and taking your heeling into competition
  • Weaves, figures of eights, and changes of pace in detail
  • More drive building games 
  • Making the mundane, motivating… slow pace, intricate patterns, etc.
  • Instructor games for heelwork – games you can take into a class
  • Problem solving 

Please note: Because this is the second in a series on FCI heeling, we will not cover foundation exercises. In addition, Gold places are limited to those who have either completed the Foundation FCI Heeling course, or are already competing with their dog and have a history of established heeling.