AG150: Impulse Control for the Agility dog - at the start line, on the table, and on the contacts

Instructor: Nancy Gagliardi Little

Course Details

Are you frustrated that your dog can't hold a stay at the start line?  That he self-releases from contacts at trials?  Or maybe you have to hover over him on the table to keep him from leaving early?  If so, you've got an impulse control problem.  The good news is that this is a skill that you can train!

Since most impulse control issues in agility happen at the start line, that's where we will begin.  Once you've learned the concepts to build a good start line stay, you'll have the option to keep working on this critical skill, to move on to the contact of your choice, or to focus on the table. No matter what you choose, you will have access to the material for all three areas so that you can work on them all as you and your dog are ready. 

The class will cover foundation skills needed for successful self-control in the face of exciting situations like agility trials. We will discuss why the criteria you choose matters, common problems you might face and how to address them, and how to handle mistakes when they happen. 

If you have taken this class previously, we will continue where we left off - building on the skills you and your dog have learned.  

Please Note: The contact portion of this class will address issues for dogs who have learned stopped contacts and can perform them correctly in training, but struggle to do so at trials. Please do not take this class in order to teach stopped contacts. Likewise, this class is not for dogs with running contacts.