FE185: Drives and Control 2 - Creating a Balance

Instructor: Shade Whitesel

Course Details

This course builds on the foundation skills introduced in Foundations 1, while also introducing other core skills to both the dog and the handler. We will constantly emphasize a thinking partner in the training process and your role as the handler to create an environment that promotes good choices by the dog.

We'll work on advanced stages of the tug game, including the beginnings of letting go and barking, and expand on obedience and self control in both the tug and the two ball game. We'll also cover back up, turning, use of platforms, a focus/leave it cue, more duration stays, and go into teaching heeling, both stationary and moving, in great depth. Finally, we'll start to teach the dog many different places for reward, and teach the handler how to use these different cues to start fading the reward off the body and in places that help you on trial day.

While this course was originally geared towards dogs with the drives and interest toward IPO, it is also helpful for dogs who need a solid foundation for any sport and for those with a little extra prey instinct and handlers who are hoping to channel it rather than fight with it!

Here's a promo video to give you a tiny taste of what we'll be working on in class: