FE180: Drives and Control 1 - Imprinting a Balance

Instructor: Shade Whitesel

Course Details

This class was last taught "live" June 2016.

Using play in training is all the rage these days, but doing it in an effective manner can be challenging. Some dogs get so high that their handlers feel like the training session is out of control. Other dogs could really benefit from an infusion of excitement and attitude to their work. Either way, this class will help you understand how to incorporate the concept of play into your training.

We'll start by teaching your dog to play by the rules. Gone are the days of leaping on the handler or playing keep away! We'll discuss how to channel prey instinct in a useful way, whether it's by introducing greater control or building more drive. We'll also work on specific skills like sit, down, stand, stay, and heel, as well as concepts like rear-end awareness. We'll practice switching between types of reinforcement, from tug to ball to food and back again.

We'll also work on your skills, whether it's luring, capturing, or shaping. By the end of the class, you'll have a good sense of the pros and cons of each method, and when you should use one over another. It is essential to work with each skill so that you have more tools in your toolbox!

While this course was originally formed with IPO dogs in mind (it was formerly titled the Fundamentals of IPO), it has since been redesigned to be taken as the first course in the Drive and Control series. This class contains exactly half of the play skills contained in the Toys: Developing Cooperation and Play class and exactly half of the behavior skills covered in the High Drive Fundamentals course. Read the syllabus for more clarity.