DS360: Treibball 2 - Confidence & Skill Building

Instructor: Sandi Pensinger

Course Details

This is the second course in our Treibball series.

Note: it is likely that the gold level participation in this class will be limited to only a few students, so the class will mostly run as a discussion class, with silver members.

Additional video of several student teams in Sandi's live classes will be posted as examples of the lessons for discussion.

In Treibball 2, students will continue increasing Treibball skills for distance, accuracy and speed. They will add more push/drive skills, directional cues, balancing, and begin playing Pre-Novice and Novice forms of the game.

This course begins with the assumption that your dog has learned most of the skills and games taught in Treibball 1 (Basic level orientation, distance, pushing, directionals & impulse control). If you have not finished those lessons yet, don't panic - you can still join us and keep going right from where you left off in Treibball 1.

By the end of this course, my goal is that you have an increased confidence in your ability to pass NATE Pre-Novice Class and hopefully you and your dog will be well on your way to being prepared for the NATE Novice title

This class will be taught using shaping and back chaining methods. The back chaining method is effective on almost all dogs, from insecure and unfocused dogs to highly driven and intense workers.

If anyone has additional questions regarding whether the course it suitable for you and your dog please contact the instructor.