OB530: FCI Style Heeling

Instructor: Kamal Fernandez

Course Details

Heelwork is often described as the canine equivalent of the equine sport of dressage... the invisible communication between each entity being a thing of beauty by combining elegance, power, drive and technical precision into one unique picture.

In UK obedience, heelwork is an exercise that evokes the most discussion, differentiation, and debate. A large proportion of points and time is allocated to heelwork in a conventional British Obedience Test, thus a large emphasis is placed in its importance. The aim of this course is to teach all aspects needed to train your dog to do heelwork as required for UK, FCI and IPO sports.

The emphasis will be on UK style heelwork, but it can and has been adapted to train for other styles, including heeling for AKC, IPO, Australian, FCI and NZKC rules. My previous students have attained wins in IPO at National Level and a place on the GB Team, Australian Obedience Champion title, and AKC titles, to name but a few.

In this course, heelwork will be broken down into short bite size pieces and each layer built up systematically.

The conclusion will be how to connect all these components to achieve that dynamic picture and teamwork!

The course will cover:

- Core fundamentals of static heelwork position training
- Training movement, and discussing assessing construction in relation to heelwork
- Teaching a constant hand touch for heelwork and removal of the cue for competition.
- Footwork, deportment and handling.
- Teaching turns, and handling of turns.
- Building drive and motivation into your heelwork
- Adaptions for FCI, IPO and AKC rules.
- Problem solving, trouble shooting, adaptions for smaller dogs.

To better understand what FCI heeling looks like, check out this video: