FE220: Control that Crazy Canine - Developing Impulse Control in the Competition Dog

Instructor: Nancy Gagliardi Little

Course Details

Do you have an impulsive dog with tons of energy but no idea how to focus it? Does your dog find more value in self-entertaining than in engaging with you? Do you find yourself frustrated in training class at your dog's lack of attention? Does your dog have issues with stays, waiting on on recalls, or any other exercise that demands self control?

Join successful OTCH/MACH/HC trainer Nancy Gagliardi Little in this critically important class, and learn how to develop the focus that is so important in our competition dogs. Learn how to set up a training session for success, develop games to help your distracted dog focus, and recognize the difference between drive and energy. Learn what YOUR responsibilities are, both in training and in public. Develop a plan to help your dog understand that self control can lead to exciting fun games.

This class is suitable for dogs 6 months or older, any breed or temperament of dog, and is open to dogs in all sports!

This class uses Susan Garrett's "Crate Games" as the foundation platform and applies this framework to build impulse control into various exercises in obedience and/or agility.