FF420: Cabin Fever - More Games for Small Spaces and Indoors

Instructor: Donna Hill

Course Details

Rain or heat, snow or sleet are the perfect time perfect times to train indoors to burn mental and physical energy and build focus in your dog.  This course should actually be called "Fine Tuning the Retrieve" as these indoor games build on each other to enhance the dog’s understanding of how to control their mouth to choose, pick up, bring and deliver objects of all sizes, shapes and textures. The dog will learn the best way to pick up and hold objects without breaking objects or leaving toothmarks. Like Chaser, the border collie who knows more than 1000 objects by name, your dog will learn how to find lost objects by their name and scent.

The handler will learn how to reduce your dog's reliance on food reinforcers by using natural reinforcers, intermittent reinforcers, asking for multiple behaviours in a row (chaining) and substituting other reinforcers such as massage, tug or play.  This class provides tons of information and games for you to choose from. You will get your money's worth well beyond class time! There are over 100 videos plus 25 photos to demonstrate steps!

Note: There are only a few golds in this semester's class (Feb. 2015) but there are many silvers. I have planned for many topics of discussion so everyone is able to learn and have fun!

All the lessons are revealed at the beginning so handlers can choose where in the process they want to start training and go from there at their own pace.

This class is ideal for:
mouthy, grabby dogs
senior dogs looking for a job
service dogs
handlers wanting a refine retrieve
handlers with limited mobility
most games are suitable for dogs with limited mobility such as dogs recovering from surgery
therapy and trick dogs
obedience and rally dogs
people who lose objects around the house and need help finding them

Your dog will enjoy learning to:

-retrieve objects useful in every day life such as leashes and shoes before a walk 

-find and bring objects to you on the couch like the TV remote, a blanket or pillow (in view and hidden)

-put objects away in a bin  

-stacking objects (bowls, cups, dog dishes etc) 

-bring a stack of objects to you

-place rings over a post (ring toss)

-nibble your finger (and hold small objects with their front teeth)

-safely handle small objects like beads, coins and buttons without chewing or swallowing 

-put a small object in a small opening such as a coin in a piggy bank

-how to identify an object with your scent on it (a solid beginning for obedience scent discrimination exercise with articles)

-learn to identify specific common objects by name

Natural retrievers love these games and non-natural retrievers learn to enjoy the games! Dogs must already have a basic retrieve of at least 9 feet/3 meters, and be able to deliver the object to hand or drop it close to you.