RA250: Rally Savvy

Instructor: Laurie Williams

Course Details

Because Rally Obedience is as much a sport of strategy as it is a sport of technique, it’s not always going to be the teams with the best obedience skills that achieve the highest scores. To the contrary, the teams that are most successful are those who not only perform the necessary components of each exercise, but are also able to navigate through the course without piling up avoidable deductions. In other words, they’re rally savvy, and know the secrets to achieve the best possible rally performance.

In this class, you will learn ways to avoid falling into the point deduction abyss as well as the keys to consistent rally ring success. This will include:

  1. Developing a warm up and set up routine
  2. Deconstructing the Walk‐through
  3. Venue Exercise Comparisons
  4. Creating the ultimate rally tool kit

Gold Level: Perfect for students who do not have access to judged rally run thrus and matches.  Each week students will receive a complex course to run with their dog.  Performances will be judged, critiqued, dissected and discussed.  Gold level students will also have the opportunity to score a variety of runs provided throughout the term and receive feedback on their assessments. 

Silver Level: Silver level students will be able to view course assignments and runs, and will have access to the class forum and will be able to actively discuss the runs and critiques.

Bronze Level: Bronze level students will be able to view course assignments, runs and the class forum.