AG320: Agility Skills and Drills

Instructor: Amanda Nelson

Course Details

 ** Note for August Term of Skills and Drills - This session will have the same exercises as the April term and it will also have additional exercises new for the August term! Including bonus exercises with weaves and contacts!** 


This course will be using various sequences and exercises to work on handler timing, cues, crosses, and how to work each sequence from various handling positions and distances.   

There won't be a lot of formal "lectures", but more of lots of different exercises and drills that will be posted and gone over. There will be some base lectures covered on Amanda's handling style and cues.   You will not be required to use Amanda's handling style, all handling styles and systems are welcome here! 


Each week a 2 beginner style exercises will be posted and 2 advanced style exercises will be posted. 


Ring sizes will tend to lean toward the small size to include multiple size yards. (50x50) and most exercises will use Jumps, Tunnels, and Hoops (jumps can be used in place of hoops). 


Bonus exercises will also be posted with larger ring spacing and more equipment used.