FE490: Build the Bond: Recalls Part 1

Instructor: Donna Hill

Course Details

This course is going to be a fun one! There are several games that make up the pieces of the recall and we are going to teach them to our dogs over the first four weeks. We will be adding distance, speed, doing out of sight recalls, and adding controlled distractions.  We will also be experimenting with reinforcers to figure out what we can use to help motivate our dogs to really want to come back to us.

The last two weeks will be spent fine tuning the games, and adding them together to create a behavior chain that makes up a recall. We will also add a cue for the whole behavior! Discover several ways to deal with a failed recall so you still are building a reliable one in the future.

We will work through a 9 step recipe that is sure to get an eager return on cue. The last two steps will be covered in Part 2.

This class is going to be fun and you will get to know your dog better! We look at what creative reinforcers you can use for motivators. We will train one dog at a time so they each know what we want.

Be prepared for lots of theory/reading in the first week, less as we go. This is usual for my classes as the background science is just as fascinating as the training process to me! Weekly homework is given and you will also be supplied with a checklist of the games.

You won't need a huge space for Part 1, but start looking around for other areas with channels and limited site lines (near home) for Part 2.

This class is for puppies and dogs of any age and is the foundation/prerequsite for Recalls Part 2.

I'll post a few lectures before class even starts (after you register) to get you jump-started.

If you have taken the "Build the Bond : Recalls" class before, this is the same class but divided into two parts. This will give students more time to practice all the games with their dogs.