DS580: Gun Dog - Retriever Skills and Drills

Instructor: Cassia Turcotte

Course Details

 Course Description

This class is designed for the retriever team that is training for or currently participating in upper level retriever hunt tests (most commonly AKC Senior and Master, HRC Seasoned and Finished). Our goal is to cover popular and effective drills used in retriever training and translate them into a +R system. Additionally, there are new drills specifically developed to address the concerns of the +R Retriever Team.

Each week consists of two new upper level drills – with detailed steps on how to begin teaching the drill, generalize it, and then test whether your dog understands the concept. We will also cover topics including determining the appropriate motivator for your dog, common and complex factors, and attrition as it applies to retriever training.

This level of training is where all of the foundation work comes together, and the dog and handler truly begin to work as a balanced team. Come join us!