FE270: Proof Positive: Building Reliability

Instructor: Mariah Hinds

Course Details

You’ve spent time, sweat and probably even a few tears, working hard to teach your dog lots of different skills—but now you need to make sure that those skills will hold up when you enter a ring or out in the real world. We will go over adding distractions, duration, distance and many other fun games in a way that will actually build your dog’s confidence and enthusiasm for doing the behavior that you cued. Come learn how to add distractions, duration and distance to your dog’s behaviors. We’ll talk about refining criteria, reinforcement strategies to build reliability and precision, how to set your dog up for success, how to make a distraction easier or more challenges, and much more!

We are going to play games to add food distractions, different angles, distance, duration, out of motion behaviors (drop on recall, sit at a distance, stand out of motion, etc.), spacial pressure and visual distractions to our behaviors. These are all games that can be played with common household training props.

Gold students can choose which 2-5 stationary skills (sit, down, spin, stand, touch, set up at heel, etc.) and which 2-5 motion skills (heeling, stays, contacts, go outs, drop on recall, signals, etc.) they want to practice during class. Once the dog is able to do the stationary skills with that distraction, then we will work on skills that are done in motion. This class also contains weekly games to build reliability and precision with fronts for rally and obedience.

Join in our games to teach your dog to do the behavior that you cued regardless of the distraction, distance, duration or whether you cued the behavior while the dog was in motion or not! This class is perfect if you want to work on obedience, agility, parkour or rally skills!