AG180: Beyond the Startline

Instructor: Amanda Nelson

Course Details

This class will be continuing with the skills and games that were learned in last sessions Before the Startline. But this class can also be taken as a stand alone class, I will also include a quick breakdown of the games that were taught in Before the Startline. 

My philosophy with agility training is that confidence is key! So all of my foundation training focuses on building that confidence not just for the agility ring, but for daily life.  All of the games that we learned in Before the Startline will be continued in this class. This class is also perfect for older dogs who already know some of the basic foundation behaviors like hand touches, waits, boundary games, etc.   

This class will focus on bringing the foundation exercises together with sequencing and working them into our agility training.   

This class is great for young dogs and puppies just starting out, or older dogs who need to work on their confidence or refresh some foundation exercises.  


What will you learn in this class?  

Moving Wait -  for  sequencing, how a moving wait builds confidence, using a moving wait for impulse control and more!  

Hand touches/targets - for blind crosses, and teaching come to sides for sequencing  

Bed Games - for impulse control, startlines, and some targeting with sequencing  

Rear Foot Targeting Foundations - For fitness work and beginning contact behaviors  

Advanced cone work - for distance work and building confidence