DS350: Treibball 1 - Basic Skills

Instructor: Sandi Pensinger

Course Details

Treibball or Ball Driving is a dog sport in which dogs push or drive large exercise balls into a goal area as directed by their handler. The sport is for all types and sizes of dogs, and is especially fun for dogs that love to chase things or herd. Treibball is  great for the dog that needs an appropriate game/outlet for their energy.

Trainers will acquire or use good shaping skills to help increase their dog’s ability to work at a distance. This online course is perfect for those who want to train at home, live far away from the nearest Treibball trainer, who have busy schedules and those who have sensitive dogs.

In Treibball 1, Basic Skills, shaping training techniques will be used to teach distance (go out), body awareness, orientation to you, directional skills, impulse control and ball pushing and control skills with various props before actually using a ball so that your dog will be ready to learn motivated and accurate ball pushing in the next class.