FE360: Achieving a Balance Between Motivation and Control

Instructors: Deborah Jones and Judy Keller

Course Details

Imagine if you could build the perfect dog.  Always ready to train, yet always under exquisite control. In this class we will explore all the variables that have an effect on your dog's level of motivation and control.  In particular, we will consider what we can do through training and management to influence those factors.  

We will talk about the influence of genetics and take a very close look at your dog's innate temperament; what he brings to the table based on heredity.  Accepting that our dogs all have certain strengths, weaknesses, and limitations is the first step to helping them meet their full potential.  

We will also consider the importance of environment and experiences, and what we can and cannot control.  We will work with the tools we have available such as the thoughtful monitoring and conditioning of emotional responses and the skillful use of primary & secondary reinforcers to alter arousal levels. 


In this video I'm working on increasing both motivation and control at the level appropriate for this dog.  The same exercises can be customized for each individual dog's needs.