AG155: Before the Startline

Instructor: Amanda Nelson

Course Details


This class will cover all of the foundation games and skills that I teach my puppies and I also teach my older dogs in class these skills for class.  

All of these skills and games translate not only to the agility world but to any dog sport! The focus is on teaching confident dogs who can problem solve. 

All games can also “flow” into “real life” skills as well!  Whether you need to build confidence in your dog or help with impulse control, all of these games can be tailored to help with each dog's needs. 

My main philosophy when training dogs is to build confidence and I use all of these games to help build that self-confidence. A lot of focus will be put on using these skills for agility, but the games and skills learned during this class can be applied to any sport. No matter the age of the dog I am working with I like to teach them all of these foundation skills, so they have a strong foundation in their sport of choice! 

We will cover games like: 

Moving Waits 

Cup Game 

Boundary Games 

Middle Games 

Hand Targeting 

Focus and Engagement Games 

And more!! 

No matter what age your dog is,  foundation and confidence is key to any dog sport, and these games can help you achieve this!