OB265: Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Instructor: Mariah Hinds

Course Details

Stays are an important part of many different sports and a helpful part of an enjoyable life with your dog! We will work on stays with duration, distractions, distance, out of sight, formality, stays while being touched, and combining all of these components. We will work on down stays, sit stays and stand stays. We will begin with stays that you can practice at home in real life: stay while you stare at a computer screen, stay while you put the food bowl down, stay while you open a door, stay while you load the dishwasher and more. Stays with big distractions for long durations are possible! Let's take the boring out of stays! This class will show you how!

**This class will not address teaching dogs to be comfortable with being touched by new people. It will go over touch for dogs that aren't worried about people. For confidence building with new people, please check out "Overgreeters Anonymous" scheduled for the October term. We will combine the concepts of staying with being touched by new people in the December course, "Putting it together: Novice Ring Ready".