FE265: Proof Positive

Instructor: Mariah Hinds

Course Details

You've spent time, sweat, and probably even a few tears, working hard to teach your dog lots of different skills -- but now you need to make sure those skills will hold up when you enter a ring or are out in the real world. Come learn how to set your dog up for success... we'll talk about fluency, generalization, reliability, and distractions.

We can proof our dogs for reliability positively and we can set them up to succeed and build confidence in the process! We will start with behaviors that don't require duration. We will practice building reliability with distractions such as food, scent and toy distractions, spacial pressure, distance, stationary visual distractions and visual distractions in motion. These are all games that can be played with the handler and common household and training props. Each week there is one exercise that will be beneficial to do with a helper. Once the dog is able to do a stationary skill with that distraction, then we will work on skills that require duration such as contacts, one jump exercises, stays, utility articles, fronts, wrap a cone/ jump and short heeling patterns. 

Gold students can choose which 2-3 stationary skills (sit, down, spin, stand, touch, come to heel, or any other non-duration skill) and which 2-3 duration skills (contacts, one jump exercise, stays, recalls, drop on recall, go outs, articles or any other duration skill) you want to practice during class.