FE218: Ready, Steady, Squirrel!

Instructor: Mariah Hinds

Course Details

Rat, cat, bat, gnat? Fox, hawk, ox? Caribou, cockatoo, kangaroo, shrew, ewe, gnu? Bear, hare, mare? Buck, duck? Mink, skink, lynx?  Does your dog lose their mind when there are chickens or squirrels or snakes or birds or frogs? Teach your dog to leave the critters alone and to focus on you instead! Focus games, focus games with prey scent gdistractions, loose leash walking in wilderness areas and recall games in environments where there are critters are all included in this course.

We will start the foundation skills needed for your dog to be able to focus on you when there is the scent, sound or sight of a critter or a combination of all of the above. The foundation skills with critters will be taught on-leash and built to off-leash reliability. We will utilize giving the dog permission to watch the critters to build a more rewarding event. We will begin off-leash work in controlled environments such as a fenced yard. We will also be going over control positions such as come to the left or right side of your body and come between your legs. We are using lots of pattern games and premack during this class. We also practice leash walking, recalls and lots of focus games.