FE215: Simon says, "Just Cue It"

Instructor: Mariah Hinds

Course Details

Does your dog get confused with your verbal cues? Does your dog sit when you say down? Let's add a cue to the behaviors and build fluency with those behaviors. We will go over how to put a behavior on cue whether it was lured, shaped or captured. We will go over getting a behavior on a verbal cue and off of a hand signal or body motion. We will go over how to change a cue, such as changing a cue from a verbal to a signal or from one verbal cue to a different cue. We will take a look at the mechanics of your cue or signal and make sure that the dog thinks the cue is what we intend the cue to be.

We will also go over building fluency for behaviors using fun methods. We will work on opposite cues and similar sounding cues to build fluency. We will also do some fun games to build fluency and help the dog generalize the cue to new environments and situations. We will be focusing on errorless learning with our fluency games.

Gold students can choose which cues or tricks they want to build reliability and fluency with and they are not limited to the skills covered in the class.

The following skills will be included in the curriculum: sit, down, release cue, hand touch, back up 5 feet, spin left, spin right, line up between handler's feet, line up on handler's right side, and line up on the handler's left side.

The fluency games that we cover in this class will be built upon in "Proof Positive" next term.