AG430: Advanced Distance and Directionals

Instructor: Amanda Nelson

Course Details

Are you struggling in Gamblers, Jackpot, Chances, or FAST? Can't get that discrimination behind the distance line? Does your dog not drive to the top of a Pinwheel? Frustrated trying to push up that 4 jump line or across a "box"? If you are struggling with any of these things or just want to work on getting your dog to work out away from you, this is the class for you!

This class will focus on building confidence for strong distance and directional skills. I will cover how to build a dogs speed and confidence by adding distance to more advanced sequences. Additionally, I will cover how to achieve proper footwork and timing to solidify a solid performance! 

Not only are we going to work on improving your distance skills, but I will show you how to blend cues to give your dog a more clear "picture" of what you are asking of them or even teach you some new cues, if needed! Here are a few examples of the different types of sequences we will use to improve verticle and lateral distance, while improving your directionals!

  1. Discriminations of many different variations.
  2. 180* turns, Serpentines, and Pinwheels with Handlers in all positions
  3. Straight Send Aways
  4. Turn Aways or "Switches" from multiple angles

This class is great for all ages and skill levels! Young dogs who have just started sequencing to older dogs who need to build their distance skills and directionals!