AG215: Consistent Contacts

Instructor: Amanda Nelson

Course Details

 Want a consistent stopped contact behavior?

Want to learn how to train a running or quick release contact?
This class will be covering all of that and more! I will be going over how I teach my 2o2o contact and quick release contacts. I teach a 2o2o off contact behavior with my dogs with a focus on targeting the rear feet, this way we can lessen the shoulder impact coming down the ramp. This class will focus on teaching the contacts for the Aframe and the Dogwalk, we will progress to using a board on the ground, but a full piece of contact equipment is not required. (Contact trainers can be used, and if you have a full piece of contact equipment, that can be used also)

My foundation for my dogs contacts is a stopped 2o2o off behavior, but as my dog progress, I move to a quick release contact or a running contact. I will be talking about how I progress to a quick release contact or running contact during this class and I will also be discussing why I teach a stop before my running contact behavior.

This class will be great for young dogs just learning their contact behavior or older dogs who need to have a different contact behavior taught.

Please email me with any questions about class!!