BH180: Control Your Canine - Impulse Control at Home and In Sports

Instructor: Mariah Hinds

Course Details

This class covers a lot of impulse control material! We go over impulse control with food and toys and things in motion (cars, critters, etc). We will teach the dog to ignore you while you are eating, not to steal your dinner from the coffee table while you run to the kitchen for something, and we go over not putting their feet on the counter or stealing food from the counter while you are out of sight. We also cover problem solving for attention seeking barking and barking during the daily routine such as mealtime or being in a crate. Does your dog try to steal the toilet paper or your socks or any other forbidden item? We will go over teaching the dogs to leave those items alone too. 

We will teach the dogs to ignore food and toys on the ground until released to get it. This is useful for daily walks and for many different sports, such as flatwork for agiity, drop on recall practice, signals and distraction work! If your dog needs more self-control, this is the class for you!