AG520: How to Get the Most out of You and Your Dog

Instructor: Ashley Deacon

Course Details

On every agility course there are a variety of handling options. It is important to make choices that play to the strengths of you and your dog. At the same time, it is important to focus training on your weaknesses, so that you will have more options in your agility toolkit. In this class will delve into both of these aspects. Each week we will analyze a course and discuss handling options and the skills needed to execute them. We will then run sequences that explore these options in the context of YOU and YOUR dog. You will try a variety of handling options for each course – perfecting the ones you are good at and strengthening the ones you are less comfortable with. Video analysis and timing will be used to further evaluate options. We will discuss in detail how to analyze courses, how to make the best decisions and how to execute them with proficiency. In the class setting we will also compare and contrast the options that work best for each participant. Over the course of the class gold level students are encouraged to submit competition courses and video for discussion.


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Week 1

Strengths and weaknesses quiz

Lecture: Introduction: building teamwork and developing a training plan

Paper Practical: Course analysis 1

Agility practical: Practice sequences 1

Week 2

Lecture: Side changes overview: pros, cons and other considerations

Lecture: Course analysis on paper, evaluating options and making decisions before walking a course.

Paper Practical: Course analysis 2

Agility Practical: Practice sequences 2

Week 3

Lecture: The walk-through: completing your decision making

Paper Practical: Course analysis 3

Agility Practical: Practice sequences 3

Week 4

Lecture: The walk-through: rehearsing your execution

Paper Practical: Course analysis 4

Agility Practical: Practice sequences 4

Week 5

Lecture: Perfecting your execution with visualization

Paper Practical: Course analysis 5

Agility Practical: Practice sequences 5

Week 6

Lecture: Performing your best during your run and getting the most out of it!

Paper Practical: Course analysis 6

Agility Practical: Practice sequences 6

Prerequisites and Equipment

Handlers/dogs should be familiar with front and rear crosses and be comfortable running short sequences (6-8 obstacles). Familiarity with blind crosses is optional but will give teams more options. Handlers that are competing will have the option to submit a competition video and course each week for discussion.

Equipment : 4 jumps and a tunnel is the minimum requirement for class. Variations with other equipment will be provided as options for each set of sequence

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Brand New Course June 2016

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