FF255: Advanced Parkour

Instructor: Melissa Chandler

Course Details

Parkour, also known as “urban agility” is a great sport to boost confidence, build strength and strengthen your relationship.  Parkour is a challenging, but fun activity to do with your dog.  It includes, jumping, climbing, and balancing.  All dogs can participate in some form of Parkour.  Once you start Parkour, you will look at the world completely different.  You will always be on the lookout for places to parkour with your dog.

It is fun to look at the environment and find all the new ways to participate in Parkour.  You can use trees, benches, walls, logs, playground equipment, picnic tables, boat docks, stairs, the list is only limited by your imagination.  Inside can include laundry baskets, exercise balls, scaffolding, carts, stairs and boards.  Parkour should be done in a safe manner, evaluating all obstacles and surfaces before ever asking your dog to interact.  This class will cover safety including how to safely spot your dog.

The sky truly is the limit when it comes to Parkour! 

This class will provide video instruction on how to teach the different obstacles under International Dog Parkour rules.  Videos will include the founders and students of IDPKA, including my 2 dogs, members of the Dog Parkour training page, and videos from the IDPKA workshops.  You can visit the website at http://www.dogparkour.org/

This course will cover intermediate, expert, and championship parkour.

To learn more about Parkour:  http://www.dogparkour.org/home

From our very first FDSA Parkour class:



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Regsitration begins at 11:00AM PDT.

Enrollment limits: 12 gold, 25 silver, unlimited bronze. If you are interested in a bronze level, you can sign up any time during the registration period.


This class will cover all Intermediate and Expert Level Obstacles as well as Championship


WarmUp / conditioning


Playing with the less confident dog

4 feet on





Moving Obstacle



Wait on Obstacle

Back Up

Multiple Obstacle Sequence


2 feet on –pivot

Stimulus Control


Send and Emergency Stop

Tic Tacs

Back Up onto obstacle

Gap Jump

Championship Journey

Prerequisites and Equipment

Shaping knowledge could be very beneficial but not necessary

All obstacles can be found in the environment, however I do use several indoor obstacles for teaching specific behaviors. 

Wobble cushions or couch cushion

Cones for “weaving” (or can weave between legs) and for teaching/working around

Concrete blocks, stools, board for under

Boxes or containers of decreasing size/increasing height based on size of your dog and training level

Boards and blocks for balance training, decreasing widths as needed based on size of dog and training level

Platform that can slowly be increased or difference heights of objects to slowly work backup onto shoulder height object


Pivot bowl or object, decreasing sizes that will become 4 feet on “balance

Agility or obedience jump or something similar

Tic tac board -30 x 36 (5/8” plyboard) with matting (example: http://www.lowes.com/pd/Blue-Hawk-Gray-Anti-Fatigue-Mat-Common-3-ft-x-5-ft-Actual-36-in-x-60-in/3595540)

Platforms (or can use tic tac board on blocks)  Check Goodwill, thrift stores, Play it again sports.  Platforms are used for teaching a lot of the obstacles.  Portable platform to take to new places and work in the environment.



Small stools

Backclip Harness – Active Wear Hurtta, Freedeom Harness, Ruffwear Webmaster, Original Fleece Lined Harness, Easy Sport Harness

4-6’ leads 

Long line for send objects

Video camera for gold spots or capturing video if you would like to submit to IDPKA for titles 


Course Testimonials

Brand new course October 2016.  

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