AG420: Intermediate Distance Skills for Agility

Instructor: Amanda Nelson

Course Details

In this class Amanda will be building on the foundations taught in the Intro to Distance class. Students will learn how to start adding distance to more difficult sequences and how the different handling cues will affect the dogs turns and speed at a distance. Students will be learning how to add distance to sequences such as Pinwheels, 180's, Serpentines, and Discriminations.  Students will also be introduced to the difference between vertical distance and lateral distance, and we will work on teaching the dog to have confidence in both. 


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Week 1 -  Review of Base Cues and Cone work 
Show me the Base Cues! 
Distance drills with the four cone pattern 
Week 2 -  Advanced Distance drills using Hoops, Barrels and Cones 
Adding to the cones! 
Footwork for advanced sequences 
Crosses and Cues! 
Week 3 - Pinwheels, 180s, and Serpentines 
Breakdown of crosses and cues for Pinwheels, 180s, and serpentine 
How to cue these sequences  from a distance
Week 4 - Discriminations 
Using the cones to teach solid discriminations 
How to fade the cone 
Adding distance 
Week 5 - Advanced Vertical and Lateral Distance 
The difference between vertical and lateral distance 
How to cue both 
Exercises to increase lateral and vertical distance skills
Week 6 - Putting it all together! - Advanced drills with pinwheels, 180s, Serpentines, and Discriminations 


Prerequisites and Equipment


Dog must be able to send a minimum of 5 feet to a cone, barrel, hoop, or jump. 
Dog must have an understanding of Base Cues (or directionals) such as Out, Here, and Switch. (Or directionals that match those such as Left/Right, Turn and Away, etc, etc.) 

Equipment needed: 

5-6 Hoops (jumps can be used)
4-5 Road Cones 
3-4 Barrels (Trash cans of mesh compost barrels can be used) 
Tunnel (optional, exercises without a tunnel will be shown as well.) 
Most exercises will be set in a 50x50 area 

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Brand New Course June 2016

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