FF250: Parkour

Instructor: Melissa Chandler

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Parkour, also known as “urban agility” is a great sport to boost confidence, build strength and strengthen your relationship.  Parkour is a challenging, but fun activity to do with your dog.  It includes, jumping, climbing, and balancing.  All dogs can participate in some form of Parkour.  Once you start Parkour, you will look at the world completely different.  You will always be on the lookout for places to play with your dog.

It is fun to look at the environment and find all the new ways to participate in Parkour.  You can use trees, benches, walls, logs, playground equipment, picnic tables, boat docks, stairs, the list is only limited by your imagination.  Inside can include laundry baskets, exercise balls, scaffolding, carts, stairs and boards.  Parkour should be done in a safe manner, evaluating all obstacles and surfaces before ever asking your dog to interact. 

The sky truly is the limit when it comes to Parkour! 

This class will provide video instruction on how to teach the different obstacles under International Dog Parkour rules.  Videos will include the founders and students of IDPKA, including my 2 dogs, members of the Dog Parkour training page, and videos from the IDPKA workshops.  You can visit the website at http://www.dogparkour.org/


Here is a video from our very first Parkour Class:


Next session starts: April 1, 2017
Registration starts: March 22, 2017
Registration ends: April 15, 2017

Registration begins at 10:30am PDT. 

Enrollment limits: 12 gold, 25 silver, unlimited bronze. If you are interested in a bronze level spot, you can sign up any time during the registration period.


This course will cover Training, Novice and Intermediate Obstacles 



Respect Your Dog

Warm Up


Playing with the less confident dog

Find the obstacle  (through photo submittals)

4 feet on

2 feet on






Moving Obstacle



Wait on Obstacle

Back Up

Multiple Obstacle Sequence


2 feet on –pivot

Stimulus Control


Tic Tacs

Back Up onto obstacle

Gap Jump


Prerequisites and Equipment


Shaping knowledge could be very beneficial but not necessary

Backclip Harness

4-6' leash

Video camera for gold spots or capturing video if you would like to submit to IDPKA for titles


Course Testimonials

Testimonials from the April 2016 Class

I loved taking this class you were so positive with your feedback I can’t wait till fall to take another level 

Melissa does a great job of engaging the class as well as starting and keeping chat/topics going within the forum. This results in active participation and excitement throughout the course. 

Absolutely! Loved how much she cared about us and our journey. Her caring attitude really made the class wonderful! 

Melissa was GREAT! This was THE BEST class I've taken! 

The Parkour class was absolutely lovely. Melissa was just as excited as the students about Parkour and really cared about everyone's journey. Oliver, my Beagle, and I had a blast. We can't wait to take more FDSA Parkour classes in the future! Stephanie P. 

Wonderful class! Thank you for everything. It was fun! 

Melissa, I really enjoyed your teaching style. All the questions were answered thoughtfully with clear and concise information. Your classroom had a very positive and fun atmosphere!! Thank you!! 

Another super job! (I've taken nosework from you too.) Thank you for breaking new ground to bring us this class! I really hope to make it in Gold in the class in the fall. 

I took Parkour class at Bronze rather on a whim, wondering if it might help one of my dogs with confidence for physical obstacles in his tracking work. What I got was much more....physical exercise, improved relationship, teamwork and trust with both my dogs, and more connection on our walks. Melissa does a great job of introducing the exercises and has LOTS of video examples. I'll definitely be hoping for a Gold spot in a future Parkour class. KylaS 

This was my first official gold course and loved it, positive feedback and wonderful insight to help me improve, I can’t wait for another level of parkour with Melissa 

Very well structured lectures with detailed instruction on how to start and progress with each exercise in a safe and successful way. Awesome instructor! I took the class at Bronze and felt like Gold!!! Thank you Melissa! 

Great six weeks !! Wonderful way to introduce new skills in a relaxed and safe manner. Details of each exercise in the videos assured success!!! A must-do for teams interested in having fun in a non-stressful environment and building confidence! Ana C. 

Loved the class. It has inspired me to expand my parkour training and my creative eye for the environment

The class materials were super thorough and covered several levels. They will be very useful when I need to go back to review skills for future submissions for titles. 

Melissa cared about the success of her students, she supplied special videos to help her students to see something clearer and checked to be sure we understood what she was saying. 

Absolutely loved this class!! It was set up well, Melissa is a wonderful instructor! Great material! I can't say enough good things about it 

The Parkour class was a great experience & so much fun! My dog gained a lot of confidence. We could work at our own pace, there was a lot of great information presented and shared with students. I highly recommend this course! Sally P.