RA 220: Rally Skillbuilding 2

Instructor: Sue Ailsby

Course Details

You should see the Rally Skillbuilding 1 students! They're GRRRRReat! In Rally Skillbuilding 2, we'll be adding to all the basic behaviours with more precision, more enthusiasm, and more exciting teamwork challenges!

This class isn't aimed at North American venues only. We've tried to pick behaviours and signs that are common to all venues. If there's a particular sign that you think we might not be covering, feel free to ask the instructor. If you need it and we haven't planned on covering it, we will!


Next session starts: April 1, 2017
Registration starts: March 22, 2017
Registration ends: April 15, 2017

Registration begins at 11:30AM PDT.

Enrollment limits: Gold: 15 students, Silver: 25 students, Bronze: unlimited. If you are interested in bronze level, you can sign up any time during the registration period.

This class has been canceled for the August session due to low enrollment numbers.



 - Hand, Eye, and Shoulder Targets

 - Heel and Front Position

 - Right and Left Finishes

 - Speed and Accuracy

 - Clear Signals



 - Hand and Floor Zen

 - Offset Figure 8



 - Jumps and Tunnels

 - Shaping Commitment to Obstacles

 - Send and Call Overs


HONOURING in all it's glory



 - Moving Down and Walk Around

 - Moving Stand

 - Moving Sits, Call to Heel

 - Backing up

 - Drop On Recall



 - Turns 90 to 360 Left and Right

 - Sidesteps

 - Right for Speed, Left for Control.

 - Heeling on the Right

 - Changing Sides



Prerequisites and Equipment


Gold students must have already taken Rally Skillbuilding 1. If you haven't taken Rally 1, you can purchase the lessons from that class to read along while you're taking this class at Silver or Bronze. You can purchase the lecture-only option of the pre-requisite class from our Prerequisites Purchase Page.

A food-motivated dog and some experience with clicker training.



-   the rules of your chosen rally venue,

-   a printout of course signs for that venue and some way to hold them up to make a course,

-   a space at least 20x20 feet (6 metres) to work in,

-   pylons

-   a jump of some kind which can be adjusted from nothing to your dog's jump height. 



a mirror big enough to see yourself and your dog in.


Course Testimonials


I have done both Rally Skill Building 1 & 2 with Sue & have found her to be an absolutely brilliant instructor. It is obvious that Sue has very extensive knowledge & experience, her eye for detail is great and she is very motivating & encourage as well as a great sense of humour. We have learnt so much in these to classes & are very pleased with the improvement. Thanks Sue Awesome Job !!! Melita R               

Working together with my dogs, even at the bronze level, has made us all so happy and reinforced my love of training (that was suffering a bit before we came back). Thanks for reminding me how much I enjoy training and providing such excellent positive training/teaching resources that can be accessed from anywhere! Sue N             

Sue Ailsby is a fabulous teacher. She breaks things down in her lectures and illustrates each step in her videos. Her analyzes are clear and helpful. How she teaches has taught me to be a better teacher, not just in Rally but in other areas as well. Christine G.         

The rally courses definitely EXCEEDED my expectations, the instruction, especially written, with video examples to demonstrate was awesome. Also some great new concepts for teaching that I hadn't thought of. I especially like the clicker training aspect of it. That is my favorite way to train.        

I loved Rally 1 and knew I would Rally 2 as well. I was not disappointed.              

Sue is a fabulous teacher. Her lectures and videos (including notations and pauses in them) are very clear. I especially love that she explains what could go wrong and how to fix it!            

I took this class at the suggestion of another classmate. She said Sue approached things very differently - she is unlike any other. I found that to be so true. She is funny and supportive and pushes us when we need it. She did indeed have the solution to my problem!             

I love Sue Alisby! Not only did we learn some Rally,but I learned how to control my high drive crazy youngster.            

I can't even begin to tell you how much the skills I've learned from FDSA classes have made a difference in my relationship with my dog. She used to be so environmentally sensitive that she rarely looked at me outside. Now, even in challenging environments, I have a dog! Last night in our in person Rally class, another student complimented Nala's "lovely focus," and our instructor laughed at Nala's cute, eager swing finish. That's thanks to y'all!