AG800: Agility Handler Skills, Drills and Exercises to Improve Your Running Mechanics and Prevent Injuries

Instructor: Karen Kay

Course Details

Do you have trouble keeping up with your dog on the agility course?


Do you need to improve your running mechanics to prevent or recover from an injury?


Do you just want to be faster to improve your performance?

This course is designed to help the agility and dog sports handler at any age and/or ability level to improve their running mechanics and prevent injuries.  We can all learn to move more efficiently and to correct movement pattern problems.  The skills and exercises included in this course will address basic deficiencies in mobility and stability that cause limitations and asymmetries in one or more of your basic movement patterns.

I will address the importance of soft tissue mobility techniques, proper dynamic and static flexibility exercises, deceleration techniques for running the agility course, how to improve your linear speed while creating the proper line for your dog, how to improve your foot speed and ability to change direction on the course, and, finally, provide you with some basic strengthening exercises to increase your overall speed.

You don’t need fancy gym equipment to improve your movement efficiency.  Improving your running mechanics can be done right in your own living room at home.  This course is all about self-improvement.  Anybody at any age or ability level can improve their movement efficiency to both prevent injuries and to improve their performance!


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Registration starts at 9:30 AM PDT.

Bronze spots are unlimited. If you are interested in a bronze level spot, you can register any time during the registration period.


Week 1

  • Basic Movement Screening While Walking and Jogging
  • Addressing Asymmetries and Imbalances
  • Soft-Tissue Mobility Techniques
  • Dynamic Warm Up Exercises

Week 2

  • Foot Speed and Quickness
  • First-Step Quickness
  • Basic Running Mechanics Drills
  • Basic Strength Training Movements for Speed
  • Static Stretching for Post Workouts

Week 3

  • Skills to Improve Your Linear Speed
  • Adding Front and Blind Crosses to Your Linear Speed Without Changing the Dog’s Line
  • Review of Asymmetries and Imbalances That May Still Be Reducing Your Efficiency of Movement.

Week 4

  • Deceleration Techniques for Running the Agility Course
  • How to Prepare Your Body to Change Directions
  • When to Begin Your Deceleration and How to Accelerate Out of That Move

Week 5

  • Skills and Drills to Improve Your Ability to Change Directions More Efficiently
  • Introduction to Program Design for Handler Fitness to Increase Speed and Efficiency of Movement

Week 6

  • Complex Movement Patterns in Various Planes To Increase Your Overall Speed and Quickness
  • A Few Sample Workouts That Put All the Pieces Together for Self-Improvement!  You Will Be Faster!!

Prerequisites and Equipment

Space to walk and jog in a straight line--an aisle or hallway at least 15ft long, or an equivalent space outside.

Space outside to run and change directions to practice and video your footwork. (5-10yds wide by 15-20yds long).  You may also video this at the agility field or indoor arena if you attend weekly classes.

Other suggested items include the following:

A wooden dowel, yardstick, broomstick, or just a jump bar

A small step or patio block

A tennis ball, lacrosse ball, foam roller, rolling pin, or massage stick.

Sidewalk chalk for outside or tape for the floor

A jumprope, yoga stretching strap, or just a piece of rope 6-8 ft long

Ten (10) cones or agility markers for some of the running drills

Optional:  a light set of dumbbells (5, 8, or 10lbs) 

Course Testimonials

A sampling of what prior students have said about this course ...

Thanks Karen Kay for inspiring us to get ourselves in shape. It's important we learn these human exercises and skills so that we can enjoy a healthy, successful, and enjoyable experience in and out of the agility realm. Physical training for the handler is an area which has been lacking in agility, and I'm pleased to see that Fenzi and Karen are addressing it in such a proactive and readily accessible way! Looking forward to another agility handler skills course.         

Coach K brings a unique focus on handler movement for the agility competitor. This course is very personalized and all levels of competitor will get great benefit from it. Agility handlers will gain the movement skills to become efficient, effective injury free competitors.          

This is by far the best class I have taken at the Fenzi academy. The amount of information in 6 weeks could have been spread out over several more weeks. I don't say that as a criticism but as deep appreciation for the amount of knowledge she shared with us. I never knew there was so much to running mechanics!! Carole N.          

My physical therapy from an injury didn't help me move forward with being able to progress in exercising as much as this class did. Karen makes what seems like small adjustments to your form and yet they result in huge changes as far as less pain, accelerating easier or more power. Karen is also a great combination of supportive and encouraging which works very well for me. I genuinely feel like I got more out of this class than I paid for! Karen please keep offering classes like this! Lisa H.             

I am again blown away by the classes at Fenzi Academy. I have never worked so hard in any class I have taken but I have seen improvement in my running in just six weeks. We had our fastest agility times during this class. Since I had never been taught proper running mechanics even small changes have made a huge difference. I only wish I could go to a class with Karen in person to really feel some of the more difficult concepts- hopefully she will teach a continuation of this class so I can keep working on myself. Thank you Karen! Sharon F.            

This was one a very challenging agility class because all the focus was on me, not on my dogs....I suppose that's why I let them wander in and out of every video...LOL Most of the time I felt like I had a lot to learn which is fine because that's the truth... I had to come to some personal mental adjustments about where I'm at and where I need to be...woke me up about my level of fitness (well, lack of!) and I'm reinspired to keep going. I will really miss the class!