FE330: Shaping for Agility and Obedience Foundations

Instructor: Kamal Fernandez

Course Details

Ever wonder what shaping is, how to start, or how it relates to dog sports? If so, this is the course for you.

Shaping behaviour has become more prominent in dog sports in recent years, and the benefit is being seen at all levels of ALL dog sports. However, if you have no understanding of shaping, how do you start? How do you get your dog to do all those clever tricks? What's the difference between free shaping and ‘mindful shaping’? How do you set up your dog for success? Are all dogs capable of shaping? How do you start cross over dogs?

This course will cover shaping behaviour, specifically to dog sports. The behaviour covered will be relevant to Obedience, Agility, IPO, HWTM, Rally O, flyball and many more….

This is an entry level course, so keep that in mind when deciding if this is the right class for you!


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Week 1

  • Intro to shaping
  • Starting your first simple behaviour and setting the foundations
  • Starting to shape ‘on things’/targetting

Week 2 

  • Shaping round things

Week 3  

  • Shaping in things/body awareness

Week 4 

  • Shaping speed/picking up things

Week 5 

  • Labelling behaviours, putting behaviours on cue

Week 6 

  • Simple behaviour chains.

Prerequisites and Equipment