OB230: Obedience Skillbuilding 3

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Instructor: Hannah Branigan

Course Details

This class works on building complex exercises needed for the ring. We'll be using the skills from the first two classes in this series.

The specific behaviors we'll be working on includes:

  • Final chaining behaviors to form finished exercises
  • Finishing Retrieve - Wait for the cue, Retrieve over the High Jump
  • Pivots for Scent Discrimination and Directed Retrieve
  • Basic proofing games that can be done alone or with a helper
  • Adding formality to the exercises
  • Sequencing exercises for ring performance

In this class, you will be provided with instructions for getting started on all of the exercises from the beginning, instead of in weekly installments. You can choose to work on all of the skills, or pick which ones you are most interested in. This class can be repeated as many times as necessary until you feel that you have mastered the skills to your satisfaction.


Next class session starts: December 01, 2014

Registration starts: November 22, 2014 12pm PST

Registration ends: December 15, 2014 

For answers to commonly asked questions see our FAQ page.

Enrollment limits: Gold: 15 students, Silver: 25 students, Bronze: unlimited. If you are interested in bronze level, you can sign up any time during the registration period.

Prerequisites and Equipment

The exercises we cover in this class will depend very much on having solid foundation skills already on board. Taking Skillbuilding 1 and 2 at any level are *strongly* recommended for gold and silver participants, but not required. If you are interested in a Gold or Silver spot, but have not taken the previous classes, please contact the instructor to make sure the class is a good fit. Bronze students have no prerequisites. The exercises in this course assume knowledge from the previous classes. While I will be happy to answer general questions about the exercises, we will not be reviewing lecture material from Skillbuilding 1 or 2 in this class. 

To get the most from this class you should already have:

  • Wrap around an object
  • Jumping a vertical or broad jump obstacle with the handler motionless in a neutral position
  • Sit/Down/Stand on cue without a lure and at a distance
  • Indicating or retrieving a scent article correctly from a pile of 5 or more articles
  • Strong paw and/or nose target behavior to an object
  • Nose to hand target
  • Fronts and finishes, with or without a platform
  • Pivots on a front paw platform
  • Take it/Hold in front and Pick Up the dumbbell from the ground
  • Zen Bowl

All of these skills (and more!) are covered in Obedience Skillbuilding 1 and 2, but you may have acquired equivalent skills elsewhere.

As stated in the description, you can choose which skills interest you the most, so you need not have all the prerequisite skills for all the various exercises in order to participate in the course. You only need those skills associated with the exercises you wish to work on.  However, please note that this is a very advanced class.  We will assume that you already have knowledge of the skills presented in classes 1 through 3.  If you have those classes in your library and need some help applying them, that's fine!  But the skills themselves will not be explained again here.

If you aren't sure if this class is appropriate for your dog or if the skills you have already will be sufficient for the class, just ask! Use the "people" link on this page to contact Hannah. We have discovered that the safest solution is to be conservative and round down if you find yourself between skill levels. It is easy to give a working team the next steps in an exercise that is already proficient, and adjust the level to make sure the team is well-challenged in those, while working on other skills that are still in progress. This approach is best for avoiding those pesky "holes" in your foundation that come back to haunt you later.