OB220: Obedience Skillbuilding 2

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Instructor: Hannah Branigan

Course Details

This class builds on the skills, concepts, and behaviors taught in Skillbuilding 1 (OB210).

In this class we will cover:

  • Intermediate Retrieve - Pick up, Turn and Carry (including some early proofing)
  • Drop on Recall - Incorporating movement and distance to the Down
  • Moving Stand - Incorporating movement and distance to the Stand
  • Stand for Exam - Duration, Proofing, and Introducing being touched
  • Intermediate Scent Discrimination Games - Building Drive and Focus
  • Beginning Broad Jump - Jumping over the Broad Jump (instead of walking through), Moving past the handler and clearing the jump before turning to come front
  • Teaching Directional Signals for the Directed Retrieve and Directed Jumping
  • Refining Fronts and Finishes - Increasing precision, adding distance and difficulty
  • Stays

We will also begin introducing simple behavior chains as we work towards building these skills and behaviors into finished exercises. 

In this class, you will be provided with instructions for getting started on all of the exercises from the beginning, instead of in weekly installments. You can choose to work on all of the skills, or pick which ones you are most interested in. This class can be repeated as many times as necessary until you feel that you have mastered the skills to your satisfaction.

This class focuses on specific skills, so we recommend taking this class along with the "Drives and Control".

Here's a trailer for this class!: 


Next session starts: August 1, 2017
Registration starts: July 22, 2017
Registration ends: August 15, 2017

Registration starts at 11:30 AM PDT.

Enrollment limits: Gold: 12 students, Silver: 25 students, Bronze: unlimited. If you are interested in bronze level, you can sign up any time during the registration period.

For answers to common questions about our classes, please see the FAQ page.


Please contact Hannah Branigan directly for more information on this class.

Prerequisites and Equipment

The exercises in this class build directly from the skills covered in OB210, and knowledge of this course material is assumed. Gold teams must have taken OB210: Skillbuilding 1 at any level.

If you have taken OB210 at any level, you are welcome to join us in this class, even if you have not completely mastered all of the skills covered in the previous class. Because many of the exercises we will cover depend on having a few skills already on board, this list shows which behaviors are needed or helpful to make the most progress on a particular exercise.

  • Retrieve: Take-it/hold. Chin target is recommended, but entirely optional. Send to target is helpful.
  • Drop on Recall: Fluent, on-cue, fold-back Down. Wrapping is helpful.
  • Moving Stand: None (fluent Stand is helpful, but not required).
  • Stand for Exam: Fluent Stand. Does not need to be on cue (ie. it can still be offered), but should not require a lure.
  • Scent Discrimination: Some scent discrimination exposure and indication behavior. Either a retrieve or target behavior will work.
  • Broad Jump: Wrapping, Offered Jump over vertical obstacle (handler in neutral position). Send to target is helpful.
  • Directional Cues: None. Send to target or wrapping helpful.
  • Fronts and Finishes: Platform for front and heel recommended. Otherwise, fluent understanding of both stationary positions will work.
  • Stays: Fluent, on-cue Sit and Down.

You can purchase the lecture-only potion of OB210 from our Prerequisites Purchase page.

As stated in the description, you can choose which skills interest you the most, so you need not have all the prerequisite skills for all the various exercises in order to participate in the course. You only need those skills associated with the exercises you wish to work on. 

If you aren't sure if this class is appropriate for your dog or if the skills you have already will be sufficient for the class, just ask! Use the "people" link on this page. I am more than happy to work with you if you find yourself between skill levels.

Course Testimonials


This was our second session with Hannah Branigan, and we eagerly plan to go back for more. Hannah puts all the lessons up in the beginning of the class so that we can choose what we want to work on. I concentrated largely on “retrieve” this time round and was delighted with our progress. Breaking the complete retrieve into small parts, like the “hold,” the “pick up, etc. was the secret of our progress. Although the full exercise might be challenging, nothing seems overwhelming when you break it down. It is always such a pleasure to get Hannah’s feedback. She sees the areas you need to improve, gives you very specific suggestions and lots of support. I always felt encouraged and excited to keep on working. Sandy H

There is no such thing as "cookie cutter" training with Hannah. She meets every single team right where they are and comes up with the most effective ways to help them with problem areas or help the dog AND handler succeed and learn. THANK YOU. Danielle D            

I've been in dog training for many years and have taken so many seminars, classes I've lost track. However, I can tell you with all honesty...Fenzi Academy is right at the top for quality, ease of class and content. I love you show so many videos with each instruction step, that is very helpful. Having taken this class, I am signing up for the Conference you are having at your place.... can't wait! Linda M.            

Hannah, thank you for your excellent guidance and encouragement! We will be sure to take more of your classes in the future!          

 I love your courses and constantly referr back to my library. Can't thank thank you enough for making that (the library of course material), available.          

Hannah is one of the best instructors I've ever worked with. Although she is a "big dog" person, she has brilliant suggestions for solving problems with my little long-backed hound.          

Great class! Recommend the Skill Building courses for anyone who needs specific exercises broken down very efficiently. Excellent foundation training ! The personalized attention and recommendations led to success and confidence every time. Hannah is a wonderful, passionate instructor ! Well done ! Ana C      

Hannah is brimming with excellent ideas for each exercise. I also want to say that I was extemely pleased with the responses I received to my questions. Thank you for a terrific class!!!         

I LOVE FDSA! I did not know how much I didn't know until I started working with Hannah in OB SB2. I've been a member of various "real life" training clubs for years and I've been actively competing in Rally and obedience for about 18 months, but I had -- and have -- so much yet to learn, and FDSA has been invaluable in bringing my training up to the next level. Video instruction has some major advantages over "real time" training, chief among them being the ability to replay moments as many times as needed to fully see and understand every nuance. This class has been a tremendous help to me and I plan to keep going as long as I can.           

Obedience Skills course 2 is the best dog course I have ever had! It was well planned, outstanding knowledge by the instructor, passion, clarity of instructions, joy in explanations and patience with the students! I will take more courses by Hannah or someone she recommends! In terms of the Fenzi Academy: I have taken another on-line dog training seminar and it was very difficulty to follow and hectic in its presentation. In addition, the student never really knew who they were really speaking with! The other seminar was very difficult to navigate and I felt I wasted my money! The program used here is easy to follow...easy to interact. I am glad that the other students have the opportunity to see what others are posting but do not send feedback to other students. I just want to hear from my instructor to whom I am paying the fee to receive instructions/evaluations. Excellent choice of program!