OB538: FCI Heelwork – Polishing, refining and games

Instructor: Kamal Fernandez

Course Details

In UK obedience, heelwork is an exercise that evokes the most discussion, differentiation, and debate.  A large proportion of points and time is allocated to Heelwork in a conventional British Obedience Test, thus a large emphasis is placed in its importance. Although this course is targeted towards UK obedience, this method can and has been adapted to train for other styles, including heeling for HWTM, AKC, IPO, Australian, FCI, and NZKC rules. 

This course will give you techniques to polish and refine your dog's heelwork and then to maintain that competitive edge. We will use many fun games to help bring the joy back to your heelwork training. In this course, heelwork will be broken down into short bite size pieces and each layer built up systematically. 

The course will cover:

  • Games for making heelwork fun again
  • Novel solutions for bringing the joy back into your heelwork
  • Fun ways to refine and improve heelwork
  • Techniques to polish your competitive skills
  • Ideas to test and challenge the experienced heelworker
  • Extreme heelwork games to test challenge and invigorate your dog!

Gold places are limited to those who have either completed the first two Foundation FCI Heeling courses, or are already competing with their dog and have a history of established heeling. All participants are advised that this is the third in the series on FCI Heeling, and will not cover the foundation exercises as detailed in the previous courses.


NOTE: This class is being re-run for continuing gold students only! Do not sign up if you haven't taken FE538 in the August session.


Each week will have 2 core games to improve your dogs heelwork, whatever the problem you have… This course is for anyone that wishes to extend their heelwork training, and invigorate their dog! 

It is not necessary to have taken either of the FCI Heelwork course.

Week 1:

Flex your muscles! 

Opening week focuses on improving your dogs turns, and flexibility on the move! 

This week is turn-tastic, every aspect of turns will be looked at….

Week 2:

Drive me crazy!

Games to motivate all dogs, the emphasis on building power, speed and attitude!

Week 3: 

Control freaks:

Games to control even the wildest of dogs in heelwork…. Channeling drive how to use it!

Week 4:

Staying the distance:

Exercises to build duration in your work.

Week 5:

Heelwork challenges:

Games to test even the most experienced heelwork dog and make the exercise fun again!

Week 6:

Putting it all together and moving forward.

Prerequisites and Equipment

Gold places are limited to those that have either completed the first two Foundation FCI Heeling courses, or are already competing with their dog and have a history of established heeling.

Course Testimonials

A sampling of what prior students have said about this course ...

Although only bronze level for someone of Kamal's calibre to share his training 'secrets' so willingly indicates a comittment to dog welfare in the world of obedience.

I enrolled in Kamal's first heeling class at bronze then this one. The progress some of his students made is phenomenal! He makes the work so much fun and breaks everything down into tiny bits. Had me laughing out loud at some of the exercises he got the students to do. Definitely makes heeling fun! RoseL

I started this course as I felt it would help me gain more motivational skills with my young, not very motivated collie bitch. We have thoroughly enjoyed the course content and Blossom's motivation for heelwork has improved fantastically plus we have a stronger bond as dog and handler. I will continue to use all the games and approaches in this course in our training ! Fiona P

Excellent course. Great content and challenges with lots of ideas to keep training fun and also keep it progressing. Helpful for new ideas of things to do to keep training fun. Helen H 

Very informative and constructive. Loved emphasis on enjoying relationship with dog. Interesting seeing videos of other participants and how they have improved.            

This course was fun and very creative in motivating our dogs. Highly recommend Kamal.    

The instructor is brilliant, knows his stuff and is inspirational!