FF360: Body Awareness for Precision Competition Behaviors

Instructor: Donna Hill

Course Details

Teach your dog specific body targeting skills and fine tune them. Specific placement helps the dog develop knowledge of where their body is in space, in relation to you and the equipment so they learn where they can place each body part precisely. We'll be using shaping and micro shaping to get the precise behaviors. Part of the process also involves teaching muscle tension.
Ideal for agility dogs, parkour, disc dog, freestyle, tricks and service dogs. Also great for dogs that are hesitant about being handled or sharing their personal space. More details coming soon! 


Next session starts: August 1, 2017
Registration starts: July 22, 2017
Registration ends: August 15, 2017


Lecture 1 Targeting

Lecture 2 Duration

chin targeting
chin to hand, to ground, to hip, to an elevated platform, to teach hold, to teach relaxation

Lecture 3 Distance /Proximity

shoulder target

hip target


standing, sitting, laying

Lecture 4 Pushing with Body Pressure


Lecture 5 Facial Senses -whiskers and eyelids

muzzle target-poke


Lecture 6 Balance/Muscle tension

wobble board

balance beam

small platform balance

Prerequisites and Equipment

closed mouth nose target
single paw target to a flat object


box big enough to fit your dog with low sides, or a suitcase or low laundry basket
office chair or platform on wheels (skateboard or wagon)
paved slight incline in safe area
thick blanket or large towel
medium towel
3 big safety pins or large alligator type paper clips
3'x3' board, half to three-quarters of an inch thick
a ball or other roundish object (rock would work too) 3 inches in diameter
small stool
12"x12"x2" high block of wood (or smaller depending on dog)
piece of wood 4"x4" by at least 4 feet long (to 8"x8" for larger dogs)
at least 3 containers that nest into each other with shallow lips and flat bottoms. A plastic sandwich container would be the smallest size.
small plastic loop or hoop at least twice the size of your dog's head
set of 4 identical plastic containers about 5 times the diameter of your dog's foot and about 1-3 inches high (depending on the size of your dog)