FE185: Drives and Control 2 - Creating a Balance

Instructor: Shade Whitesel

Course Details

This course builds on the foundation skills introduced in Foundations 1, while also introducing other core skills to both the dog and the handler. We will constantly emphasize a thinking partner in the training process and your role as the handler to create an environment that promotes good choices by the dog.

We'll work on advanced stages of the tug game, including the beginnings of letting go and barking, and expand on obedience and self control in both the tug and the two ball game. We'll also cover back up, turning, use of platforms, a focus/leave it cue, more duration stays, and go into teaching heeling, both stationary and moving, in great depth. Finally, we'll start to teach the dog many different places for reward, and teach the handler how to use these different cues to start fading the reward off the body and in places that help you on trial day.

Like in Foundations 1, the format is 2-3 topics a week, with discussions to keep the Silver level students on their toes and participating!

While this course was originally geared towards dogs with the drives and interest toward IPO, it is also helpful for dogs who need a solid foundation for any sport and for those with a little extra prey instinct and handlers who are hoping to channel it rather than fight with it!

Here's a promo video to give you a tiny taste of what we'll be working on in class:


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week 1: Back up/Tug (out)/Look (1st step)/Play 20 minutes

week 2: Look (2nd step)/Imprint heel with ball/Here (1st step)/Reducing frustration

week 3: Look (3rd step)/Tug (barking)/Refining moving heel/Drop it versus Aus

week 4: Tug (3rd step)/Heel basic position/Platforms/Splitting behaviors

week 5: Get it versus Yes/Stays (3rd step)/Heel (finishes)/Competition cues

week 6: Trading down reinforcers/Fronts/Turn and Go thru/Problem Solving

Prerequisites and Equipment

Prerequisites: For a gold or silver spot in Drives and Control 2, you need to have taken Drives and Control 1 at any level.  There is no prerequisite for a bronze position; however, students must recognize that the class will assume knowledge of Foundation 1 skills and training methods.

You can purchase the lecture-only option of the prerequisite class from our Prerequisites Purchase Page.

Balls/tugs/tasty treats/a willing dog and you! We'll be using platforms at some point in the class, and I will include a cheap easy way to make them in the lecture section

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Course Testimonials


Shade's D&C 2 class was great! She is happy to answer any questions and deal with issues as they come up, even if they're not directly related to the topics we're going over in class. She was able to help my dog and me improve our two ball game and work on obedience with toys as rewards, and she gives a ton of great information on using markers. Leah O           

I LOVED THIS CLASS! I have to use caps lock because I would say this very dramatically in real life. I definitely got my money's worth. There were tons of example videos, and that was very helpful. I plan on taking many more classes and hope the other instructors are as good as Shade. I have been recommending the website to everyone who will listen. The bronze level was adequate for me because I have done a fair amount of prior training but I would say a really new trainer should take a foundation class at the gold level at least once. Amanda H.             

Shade's Drives & Control class (1 & 2) have provided an amazing foundation for my agility dog. My puppy has developed a lovely balance between her explosive drive and her ability to be clear-headed within her drive. I've been able to work with Shade extensively using my own sport in our discussions and my videos - this has worked beautifully for both me and my dog. Not only would I not hesitate to sign up for these classes with my next puppy, I would consider it a requirement of developing a balanced, clear, and joyful sport relationship for agility. Rachel B.              

I have been taking courses now at Fenzi Academy for over a year. I have learned more in this time and had far more detail than, I have in the 8 years of dog training prior....including training with "big name" trainers. I have taken all of the courses taught by Denise except for Ob-ilty which, unfortunately, I missed...but, will take the next time it is offered. I have recently been taking Shade Whitesel's classes and LOVE them!! Great detail and sooooo much information!! I have been bringing along my BGSD puppy with these classes. Fenzi Academy ROCKS!!! Leslie W               

Drives and Control 1 and 2 at the bronze level were the best use of our limited training funds that we have ever spent. We really appreciate the videos that Shade posted where she made mistakes since we learned the importance of when to stop training, how to listen to what our dogs are trying to tell us, and how to manage frustration in a high drive GSD. Highly recommend these two courses for this knowledge alone.