DS350: Treibball 1 - Basic Skills

Instructor: Sandi Pensinger

Course Details

Treibball or Ball Driving is a dog sport in which dogs push or drive large exercise balls into a goal area as directed by their handler. The sport is for all types and sizes of dogs, and is especially fun for dogs that love to chase things or herd. Treibball is  great for the dog that needs an appropriate game/outlet for their energy.

Trainers will acquire or use good shaping skills to help increase their dog’s ability to work at a distance. This online course is perfect for those who want to train at home, live far away from the nearest Treibball trainer, who have busy schedules and those who have sensitive dogs.

In Treibball 1, Basic Skills, shaping training techniques will be used to teach distance (go out), body awareness, orientation to you, directional skills, impulse control and ball pushing and control skills with various props before actually using a ball so that your dog will be ready to learn motivated and accurate ball pushing in the next class.


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Week 1

Lecture: The Game, The Training & The Foundations

Pushing: Nose Targeting, the Flick, Shoulder Targeting

Orientation: Moving Front Games

Week 2

Lecture All About Balls & Mat Targeting

Distance: Mat Targeting & adding distance to 10’

Pushing: Putting it On Cue, Stop

Week 3

Lecture:  Directional Cues

Distance: Go Around Games to 20’

Orientation: Balancing

Week 4

Lecture: Impulse Control: Wait, Call offs with balls

Distance: Mat Targeting & more distance to 25’+

Pushing: Bowl Games

Week 5

Lecture: Directional Control with Distance

Orientation & Distance: Directional Control

Pushing & Impulse Control: Channels

Week 6 

Putting the Lessons Together

Prerequisites and Equipment

Materials Requirements

  • Target Sticks. 2 foot long target sticks – can be a dowel with tape on the end, PVC pipe or target stick with clicker attached. (Basic nose targeting for the poke push)
  • 2 Mat Targets. You will start with a larger 2’ x 2’ mat and transition to a smaller 1’ x 1’ mat. The mat should be of a material that will not bunch up when the dog walks over it. We prefer soft rubber matting or bath mats. (For distance, go to your target work.)
  • 1 Raised Platform approximately 1’ x 1’ can be a taped phone book, bathroom scale or an air disc. (For orientation toward handler)
  • 3 Markers such as cones, laundry baskets, chairs, boxes. Leaf barrels or waste baskets. (Barrel Racing exercise)
  • A dog bowl. (Bowl Game pushing exercise)
  • Motivational Toy suitable for throwing and storing in a pocket. Frisbee, ball, tug toys, food pocket toys are all suitable for rewarding motivation, speed & distance. (For reinforcement)
  • Treats and a bait bag suitable for rewarding stay, wait, heel & impulse control behaviors. (For reinforcement)
  • Clickers or verbal markers can be used. (For reinforcement)
  • Leash or long line, optional unless playing in an unsecured area or if more control is needed. 
  • A toy and food motivated dog is a real plus. 

Fitness Requirements

Dogs and handlers will need no special fitness requirements. Handlers will be moving, walking, turning and gesturing using their arms. Dogs will be walking or running and learning to push and target.

Shaping Requirements

Dogs who have been trained using markers (clickers or voice) and shaping will be better prepared for this class. Dogs that have been trained using corrections or compulsion will need to learn how to be shaped and offer behaviors.

Space Requirements

You can use a 12’ or longer hallway or a larger room, garage or back yard for this beginning level class.