BH180: Control Your Canine - Impulse Control at Home and In Sports

Instructor: Mariah Hinds

Course Details

Does your dog lack impulse control? Does he lose his mind when there is food around? Does she lack the ability to think when there is a dog or cat nearby? Is she lunging for every piece of food placed on the counter or coffee table? This class will go over the beginning steps to stay, impulse control in the home and impulse control with food, toys, people and dogs. As a foundation for sports, your dog will be able to listen to cues with food on the floor or a toy on the floor when you are done with this coursework! If your dog needs more self-control, this is the class for you!


Registration will begin at 9:00am PST.

Next session starts: February 1, 2017
Registration starts: January 22, 2017
Registration ends: February 15, 2017


Impulse control with food

  • Leave the food alone in my fist, palm, open hand or on the floor
  • Have self control with dog dinner preparations, dog bowl delivery, people eating, people cooking and ignore the other dogs’ food bowls
  • Eliminate counter surfing even when there is food on the counter and you are out of sight
  • Ignore food on the coffee table and from the trash can and ignore the food on the dining room table
  • Teach your dog to do a skill with no food on you and with an open container of treats behind the dog

Impulse control with toys

  • Wait for permission to grab the toy out of my fist, palm, off of the floor, from a cabinet drawer, off the counter or from my training bag
  • Wait for permission to grab the toy even while we are in motion and I dangle it in front of you for a few minutes
  • Wait for permission to grab the toy on the floor while we are far away from it and while we are close to it
  • Don’t steal toilet paper and items that aren’t yours

Down Stay

  • Down stay while I watch TV
  • Down stay while I wave toys and treats around
  • Don’t bolt out of your crate when I open the door- stay instead
  • Stay while I move around the house or training building
  • Stay while I go out of sight
  • Stay no matter how big the distractions, how long, the distance away or how much motion there is around you
  • Be quiet and stay while I train another dog and while the dog retrieves and plays
  • Stay while a friend enters the house

Impulse control with people

  • Be calm and ignore people at a distance and up close
  • Don’t jump up even if the people are trying to get you to jump by greeting you with excessive enthusiasm
  • Ignore people when it is time to work

Impulse control with other dogs

  • Stay on your mat while I train the other dog
  • Don't chase the house cats
  • Disengage from dogs in motion
  • Ignore dogs in motion
  • Ignore dogs and cats and wild critters

Impulse control with house cats

  • Stay on your mat while the cats are in motion
  • Don't chase the cats inside the house
  • Ignore the cats outside

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Course Testimonials

FDSA is excited to welcome new instructor Mariah Hinds for the February 2017 session!