BH180: Control Your Canine - Impulse Control at Home and In Sports

Instructor: Mariah Hinds

Course Details

Does your dog lack impulse control? Does he lose his mind when there is food around? Does she lack the ability to think when there is a dog or cat nearby? Is she lunging for every piece of food placed on the counter or coffee table? This class will go over the beginning steps to stay, impulse control in the home and impulse control with food, toys, people and dogs. As a foundation for sports, your dog will be able to listen to cues with food on the floor or a toy on the floor when you are done with this coursework! If your dog needs more self-control, this is the class for you!


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Registration will begin at 9:00am PST.

Enrollment limits: 12 gold, 25 silver, unlimited bronze. If you are interested in a bronze level spot you can sign up any time during the registration period.


In order to allow people to specialize in the impulse control categories that are most applicable to their dog, the impulse control games will be released primarily in the first 2 weeks.

Week 1-

  • Introducing impulse control with the person/dog/cat/thing stationary
  • Food above head impulse control game
  • Cookies in fist
  • Cookies in palm
  • Slowest dog trainer game
  • Stay while food delivered to ground
  • Toy above head
  • Slowest dog trainer game with a toy
  • Toy in a drawer, in a bag, on the counter
  • Toy in the palm
  • Be calm and quiet in a crate for 3 minutes
  • Offered downs and offered relaxation
  • Introducing stay while lying in a crate
  • Taking turns- building classical conditioning
  • Stay on a mat- continuous rewards and 1 second pause
  • Stay in a crate walk away and return

Week 2-

  • Impulse control with the person/dog/cat/thing moving away from you or parallel to you
  • Cookies on the floor and cookies in a bowl
  • Dropped cookies
  • Cookies on a coffee table/ counter/ trash can
  • Adding distance to cookie games
  • Introducing leave-it with neutral item
  • Leave toy in your hand alone with duration
  • Leave it item on ground
  • Leave toy in your hand alone with motion
  • Adding distance to your leave it games
  • Adding duration to your leave it games
  • Quiet in a crate out of sight
  • Stays with more time and distractions

Week 3-

  • Impulse control with the person/dog/cat/thing moving towards you at a big distance
  • Food in bowl- 1 skill games
  • Toy on floor- 1 skill games
  • Adding distance to counter tops and trash cans impulse control games
  • Impulse control during mealtimes and meal prep
  • Relax during people eating
  • Relax during TV time
  • Leave it while in motion
  • Adding distance to leave it for forbidden items

Week 4-

  • Impulse control with the person/dog/cat/thing- surprise
  • Adding out of sight to counter tops and trash cans
  • Adding out of sight for leave it with forbidden items
  • Be quiet and calm while another dog is taking a tun- building 5 seconds between rewards up to 60 seconds and beyond

Week 5 & 6-

  • Progressing these games to the next level

Prerequisites and Equipment

Equipment: A raised dog bed will be useful.

Prerequisites: We will go over everything starting from very beginner puppy skills to the advanced skills.

Course Testimonials

FDSA is excited to welcome new instructor Mariah Hinds for the February 2017 session!